We’ve launched HENRi to make it easy for entrepreneurs to work with Nestlé, so we want our process to be seamless. Below we give you an idea of what to expect, from the moment we post a brief up to the launch of a project.

1. We post a brief. Each brief will have assigned funding of US$50,000 and the backing of a senior sponsor at Nestlé. You can see how long the project will be open for on the Live Projects page.
2. You apply online. There’s a simple online form to complete, where applicants are asked to submit information about their company and their response to the specific brief.
3. We review and shortlist. After reviewing all the applications for each brief, we’ll shortlist around five companies to continue to the next stage.
4. We’ll be in touch. We’ll contact all applicants – successful or not – within 30 days of the closing date to let them know if they’ve made the shortlist. But don’t worry if you’re not successful this time – we add every applicant to our database of prospective partners, and we’ll notify you when relevant briefs are posted.
5. You pitch your idea. Shortlisted companies will be invited to pitch to us in person or online. We’ll be in touch beforehand to agree the best option.
6. We make a final decision. Following the pitches, we’ll select one company to work with. We’ll contact all shortlisted companies to let them know our decision.
7. We agree how we’ll work together. We’ll engage closely with the selected company to support the development of the pilot and to determine the success criteria for the test.
8. The project begins. Next, it’s time to roll out the project. Thanks to Nestlé’s unparalleled portfolio of iconic brands and hundreds of millions of consumers, a successful pilot can lead to major opportunities for your company.
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