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Despite plenty of sunshine, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have high rates of vitamin D deficiency. It’s the cause of rickets, osteopenia and osteoporosis. It affects bone development in childhood and leads to a range of health issues in later life and old age. Comparative figures are worrying. For instance, MENA mortality rates following hip fracture are up to 3 times higher than in western populations.   

At Nestlé, we believe it is time to address these rates of vitamin D deficiency. We are looking to develop a product portfolio that delivers the ideal daily amount of vitamin D, calcium, phosphate and other relevant nutrition to prevent deficiency. We will also be launching a long term, scientific health study of vitamin D deficiency in MENA. Our aim is to address the issue with lasting and permanent solutions.         

Under our NIDO Growing Up and Children Milk brand, we have a natural platform to talk to the relevant audiences at key stages in life.  In line with the nurturing brand purpose of NIDO, we want to make the most of that opportunity to educate MENA populations with technology and a health program to diagnose, monitor and lower vitamin D deficiency rates.   

Where you come in

We are looking for an external partner to develop a simple and economic method for people in MENA to check their vitamin D levels. We would also like our partner to create a simple, educational app which would store each user’s vitamin measurements and give daily advice from healthcare professionals, nutritionists and lifestyle influencers on improving vitamin D levels.

Why it matters   

In the modern world, regional imbalances in health levels are unnecessary and unfair. They only serve to make society unstable. When a health challenge has solutions as simple as addressing vitamin deficiency, we feel it is a human obligation to implement those solutions.  In NIDO, Nestlé has a perfect brand to nurture education and health in MENA. It is our duty to utilise that platform. For the wellbeing of children and future generations in the region, we want to talk to everyone who can support the programme to defeat deficiency.      


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Rainer Mueller
Rainer Mueller Nestlé contact