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Every parent wants their child to live a healthy life. And yet, most parents would agree that their youngsters deserve a small treat from time to time. At Nestlé, we believe that treats can be part of a balanced diet, when they are enjoyed in moderation.  

Passatempo is Brazil’s most beloved kids’ biscuit brands. Millions of children enjoy the delicious square, chocolate sandwiches every week. But, with childhood obesity on the rise, we want to encourage our consumers to stick to the recommended portion size of 30g. That’s just three biscuits.

Several approaches are already being used, such as on-pack communication and re-sealable packaging, both of which have enjoyed success. But now our mission is to go one step further — to create lasting behavioral change. And we’re looking for a new partner to help us do it.

It could be a design agency, with a packaging modification that stops people reaching for a fourth biscuit. It could be a start-up with a neat idea for the perfect psychological nudge. It could even be an app developer who’ll bring the concept of portion control alive in a fun and engaging way for families.   

We can’t change the shape, size or weight of the biscuits, or the family pack configuration. But we’re open to all other solutions, as long as they’re environmentally-friendly, easy to implement and cost-effective.

Most importantly though, if the ideas are imaginative, intelligent or inventive — we’re excited to see them.


The World Health Organisation lists childhood obesity as “…one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century”.

In Brazil, one third of all children aged 5-9 are overweight. By and large, overweight children become overweight adults, and are therefore more likely to develop noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Modern nutritional guidance stresses the importance of a balanced diet. There is room for sweet biscuits, but in moderation. For that reason, helping families improve their portion control is vitally important.

Fábio Megid
Fábio Megid Nestlé contact