AdAdapted helps brands engage their target audience in the mobile apps they use to plan, shop and navigate their lives.

The company has a network of apps in the grocery list and lifestyle categories. They collaborated with Nestlé Outshine to reach list-driven snackers who are always on-the-go, helping them find recipes, build grocery lists and navigate the aisles.

Together, they created exclusive ad spots to complement the user experience – generating a click through rate that’s six times higher than that of banner ads. Following the pilot, Nestlé Outshine’s media agency has been awarded a full campaign.

“Nestlé is committed to creating mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships,” says Molly McFarland, Founder and CMO of AdAdapted. “From the beginning, the team set an open, collaborative tone. They were interested and excited about the breadth of our capabilities and our recommendations.”

“The team provided a lot of insight around the brand’s goals and objectives. This information was incredibly helpful and allowed us to deliver a pilot that we’re proud of internally and results that were meaningful to Outshine.”

“We are a better company because we worked with Nestlé. Nestlé gets it.”

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