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The KitKat Sustainability Project

KitKat’s HENRi journey began in August 2017, when we launched the KitKat Sustainability Project – seeking to create greater consumer engagement with the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, while also finding a way to contribute directly to its ambitious social & environmental impact objectives.

The proposal and pitch stage was more competitive than ever, as we featured this project at ad:tech London for The Next Big Thing 2017. Fast-forward a few months and, three weeks after going live, the KitKat online ad campaign run in partnership with Good-Loop, the ethical ad platform, had raised over £16,500.

Good-Loop believes the only way to make online advertising sustainable long term is to positively involve the consumer. That means allowing people to opt-in to advertising, creating greater engagement by encouraging willing participation.

In short, the model allows viewers to donate part of the brand’s media budget to a charitable cause, in return for 15 seconds of their attention.

For KitKat, the ‘Time Traveller’ KitKat Senses ad was distributed using Good-Loop’s player and donations were put towards the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. Viewers who elected to watch the ad had the option of supporting any one of three elements of the Plan: the purchase of vegetable growing kits, solar chargers or school kits, all directly supporting beneficiaries of the initiative.

The platform delivers double the ad engagement for the same price as any other premium video view, meaning that viewers watch for twice as long – driving engagement on both a product and brand level – while also supporting our charitable causes.

50% of the Good-Loop ad spend went straight to the Nestlé Cocoa Plan with donations from viewers contributing more than £29,000. 

The £29,000 donated to the Nestlé Cocoa Plan funded:

  • 68 vegetable growing kits
  • 183 solar chargers
  • 318 school kits

For KitKat, Good-Loop and those involved in the cocoa charity projects, it is a success story on all fronts.