Linqia helps brands tell stories in new ways by enlisting social media influencers with a genuine passion – whether it’s for fashion, parenthood or healthy food.

They’re now an established company with a host of major clients, but they first partnered with Nestlé when the business was only a year old.

“Within a month, we’d been introduced to the teams at Nespresso and, following a successful pilot, we secured additional pilots with Nestlé Toll House, Nestlé Confectionary, Nesquik, Nescafé and Nestlé Infant Nutrition,” says Nader Alizadeh, co-founder and CEO.

“These early successes have helped establish Linqia as a leader in influencer and content marketing. Following our successful relationship with Nestlé, Linqia has successfully expanded into the consumer-packaged goods, retail, media and travel industries.

“Every person we have had the opportunity to meet or work with at Nestlé has been extremely positive, focused and dedicated to building a solid partnership. There’s a strong sense of momentum to innovate and a willingness to adopt a start-up mentality.”

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