Smart Nutrition Advice

Spreading Nutrition Knowledge & Empowering Better Health

Embracing our role as a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness, we launched this project with the Equatorial Africa Team to help families provide their children with the best possible nutritional start in life.

We felt that one of the key challenges was a lack of information, and that huge health benefits would come to bear if we could provide tools & tips that would improve understanding. We opened up this project to tackle malnutrition head-on, with the ultimate ambition of collaborating to save lives.

After receiving a whole host of truly inspirational proposals and speaking to companies achieving amazing health impact, we partnered with Tembo Education. Their ability to deliver customised nutrition knowledge to people across East Africa through text and WhatsApp messages is groundbreaking and transformative, and takes advantage of the ever-increasing mobile connectivity across sub-Saharan Africa. Technological advancements have meant that phone penetration is as high as 80% in parts of the region – representing a huge opportunity to make an unprecedented impact.

The programme has already kicked off in Kenya, and will expand to a further six countries in the East Africa region over time. Parents enrolled in the programme will receive frequent customised lesson plans and health tips directly to their phones.

The initiative forms part of Nestlé’s ambition is to improve nutritional levels across the East and Southern Africa region (ESAR). It also closely supports Nestlé for Healthier Kids, a global initiative to help 50 million children live healthier lives by 2030.